Finally, Some Explanation

July 11, 2009

Today was an entertaining day at work. First, Owner finally decided to talk to me after about a month of my becoming increasingly disgruntled due to being stuck in carry-out working three days a week. Apparently he’ll move me if I’m hell-bent on waitressing, but he thinks I may be too high-strung for the position (this is potentially true, though I’m pretty good at adapting).

I told him what I’m hell-bent on is making more money. Be that by waitressing or by working more hours, I don’t care. But I can’t do this three-day-a-week crap anymore, especially during the summer. He took my cell number so I can be reached in the morning. We’ll see what happens.

In other news, carryout was fun today. I don’t feel like going into a lengthy explanation of my job, but suffice to say I run the phone, the calling/putting-together of carryout orders, and the main cash register (people come up to pay at The Restaurant) all at once. This is fine on a slow day but potentially harder than waitressing when I’ve got a line at the register, several orders, someone at the window, and the phone is ringing (this has happened multiple times). Fortunately, on Fridays Awesome Manager is working, and he’s always happy to grab reg if I’m slammed.

Had a couple amusing folks tonight. My first customer asked if she could get a senior discount on a $6.25 check. Sorry, lady, but about 70% of our clientele is made up of senior citizens. She was the second person to ask this week, and I have never been asked that for the year and change I’ve been working here. What gives?

Less amusing today was the old fart in the checkout line who decided to patronize me. I had run to the kitchen to grab a piece of pie for an in-store carryout order, and when I came back Awesome Manager was taking the register for me. Asshole Customer looked at me, smirked, and asked “Are you the assistant?” in the most condescending tone I’ve heard in a long time. I laughed it off, but inside I was seething. No, Fuckface, I’m not the assistant, I just have a manager that’s good enough to take the reg so you don’t have to wait a whole extra thirty seconds and then bitch at me about how I wasn’t standing right there to take care of you as soon as you walked up. Fucker.

Oh well, I have a Bliss bar right now and it’s melting away all my rage. Next update should be Tuesday after work, unless I think of something to talk about this weekend. Horror movie marathon and boyfriend returning from out of state this weekend, so all should be well.


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