Pardon the Dust

July 16, 2009

This blog may look weird from time to time as I try to figure out WordPress. So far, I can’t figure out how to separate links into different categories without having them disappear and I can’t figure out how to get the About page to show up. I’ll get it eventually–10:1 it requires learning CSS and purchasing an upgrade for the blog. If anyone knows for sure, do please share!

I’m surprised and glad to see some people are reading. Hopefully there will be a hosting post tonight (oh joy), barring a completely dead night or a night where nothing interesting/shitty happens (HA!). I’m not nearly as good of a hostess as I am a carryout girl, probably because it’s a far shittier job and one in which I don’t actually feel like I’m doing anything useful. Especially now that we’re going through a slow period.

More later…


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