New Girl

July 31, 2009

Owner recently hired a new carryout girl, despite having employees (not just me) willing to pick up extra shifts. Tomorrow I’m working a double shift (morning carryout and evening hostess), and I have deduced that I will be working with this new girl.

I fear I may make her cry.

Let me explain–new girl is a mousy little thing with odd fashion sense (why is she wearing tights in the middle of the summer?), faux-black hair that’s even messier than mine, the voice of a man trying to be a woman, and absolutely no work ethic. While I have interacted with this girl very little, I have seen her in action and I have heard some disquieting things:

1) When she came in to interview for the job, she was accompanied by her mother. Who upsold her.

2) She’s a pothead. Lots of people are potheads, I really don’t care. But she comes to work stoned, and that I do care about.

3) Despite having had four days of training (most people get two), she freaks out when she has two easy orders and has to have her hand held the whole time.

4) She spends more time flirting with the busboys and cooks than actually trying to do her job.

5) Did I mention she has zero work ethic?

I initially tried to give this girl the benefit of the doubt, considering she’s new. But I have a very low tolerance for incompetence and she’s already crossed it. I don’t know, am I being mean?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately; being this slow doesn’t provide me with much writing material, and last night I was so pissed off by our goddamn dream team staff that I couldn’t form coherent sentences.


3 Responses to “New Girl”

  1. PurpleGirl Says:

    I don’t understand how people like that get hired.

    • eternalcarryoutgirl Says:

      Neither do I, especially at a little privately-owned place like ours. We’ll see how she does today, if I am indeed dealing with her.

  2. boschka Says:

    Sweetie, Trust me…Most of these folks end up moving south and getting hired at the firm I work for…

    I find myself saying outloud no less..” Well, when you start doing your job, I’ll care about your problems.”

    Luckily for me, I’ve been here 27 years and have worked my way up the food chain through diligence and that dreaded hard work.

    Love the blog.

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