Times Have Changed…

August 27, 2009

…and ya’ll need to get with them.

Yeah, I know it’s been awhile since I posted. I haven’t had much to write about/I’ve been stupidly busy getting ready for the upcoming quarter. It’s also my last quarter at the community college–hopefully I will be accepted into the university. Hooray, finally graduating!

Anyway, we had a group of seven tonight, including three older folks who came in before the rest. Since we were really dead tonight, Nosering and I stood in the back and chatted with them a bit. All was going well, they asked us where we went to school, what we were focusing on, etc. Normal stuff, until one of the men asked us this:

“So, which of you ladies are going to get married first?”


“After college, which one of you are going to get married first?”

Nosering and I just looked at each other and kind of laughed it off. But seriously, what the fuck? I know it used to be that women went to college to find a husband, but this is the 21st century. Also, how the hell are we supposed to know when we’re going to get married? That’s a touchy subject in my relationship; I don’t know about her. And finally, why the fuck would I be finishing college if I was planning to become a housewife? Bitch, I’m going to graduate school.

Note: I don’t mean to slight housewives, that’s a tough job and I’m sure it’s quite fulfilling for many women. It’s not for me, however–I hate kids, I can’t cook, and I don’t like to clean.

I’d laugh this off as a relic of a bygone era if there weren’t so many sexual double standards still prevalent in society today. Girls who have/enjoy sex are sluts while guys are studs, men can’t take care of the home, women still get shit if they don’t take their husband’s last name (skip to the comments).

Who knows, maybe I’m taking this too seriously. But when I have to deal with horny old men blatantly leering down my shirt every goddamn day, when I see the waitresses constantly blamed for things specifically because they’re female, and then this shit happens, the feminist part of my brain starts to get fired up.


3 Responses to “Times Have Changed…”

  1. PurpleGirl Says:

    WTF? What kind of random-ass question is that to ask a stranger?

  2. PurpleGirl Says:

    Also, I read a few of the comments on that article, and it seriously has me laughing. Especially the person who compared it to golfing — “There is a tradition in golf to use clubs, golf balls, and tees. If you ‘choose’ not to use the clubs, or balls, or tees, than you are not playing golf.” So if you don’t change your name, you’re not married? I call bullshit.

  3. AK Says:

    HAHA that’s hilarious. I’m shocked at what kind of comments people will pull out of their asses. He was probably just trying to be cute, but…. honestly.

    I’m with you on the housewife thing. A few of my friends from school wanted to do that almost immediately after college, with no other real plans for a job/career. Why bother with school then? Did you just have $160,000 lying around and nothing better you wanted to buy?

    I hate kids and cooking too! Love cleaning though. :\

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