September 25, 2009

Thanks to the readers who have commented and shown their support. I still feel kind of stupid for being this upset over a cat, but apparently it’s normal. Oddly, ever since he received a subcutaneous fluid injection and we put him on Prednisone, Old Cat is actually doing better than before his diagnosis. Thus, my emotional state is pretty confused right now. He has cancer, he’s going to die…aaand he’s eating again and moving around more? What the hell? Anyway, I am going to try and resume normal posting–if things worth writing about happen, that is.

My cold has cleared up, school has started, and I have finally scheduled my driving test (yes, I’m way behind the curve). Aside from the inevitable dead cat, things are hopefully going to get better soon. But with my luck, I’ll just end up with swine flu come October/November. Hooray for pessimism.


1) The customers are much friendlier. Sure, we’ve got the rushed lunch hour crowd, but everyone else is extremely laid back. Maybe it’s because they’re all regulars, maybe they’re just less tired and cranky, or maybe lunch is simply a less serious affair than dinner. Whatever the reason, they’ll all happily sit at the counter and chat with complete strangers. And carryout customers seem to have a greater tendency to tip!

2) I usually have something to do. Lately, nighttime carryout has been nonexistent. But during the day, more people are willing to take their food with them. Even if I don’t have a lot of carryout, in-house customers come up to the register at regular intervals, or the phone yields people inquiring as to the specials. A whole lot less staring into space (newspapers, books, and crossword puzzles have all been banned). An added bonus: if carryout dies, I get to go home early.

3) My boss’s slightly hilarious “conversations” in the kitchen. I don’t get involved, I just listen to him rant. Today the topics ranged from the evils of technology (“Kids only think they need this stuff because society forces them to use it; we got by just fine without it…”) to…a possible Jewish black market organ-harvesting conspiracy? Something about a rabbi being involved in selling kidneys and livers. And no, I do not support his bizarre Antisemitic viewpoints, nor does anyone else I work with. I just find it highly entertaining, the way he so often combines urban legends, conspiracy theories and his own prejudices into some of the most fantastical bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life.

Unfortunately, school will start again soon and I won’t be able to work during the day anymore.

Apparently one of former President Bush’s motivations for starting the war in Iraq was to prevent the apocalyptic machinations of some biblical demons. No, I’m not making this shit up. I wish I was.

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Source 4 (this one only if you can speak French)

What the hell?

August 3, 2009

I’m wondering why one of my top searches is “girl-girl- action.” Seriously, what were you guys expecting to find here? Videos of me and a septuagenarian lady customer getting it on atop the candy counter? Because I promise you, that’s something you wouldn’t want to see.

Incidentally, I get it on by old men all the time. This further cements my notion that I would have been a hottie in the ’30s.